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The basic requirements to receive reimbursement for the CACFP are:
  • Licensed by or exempt from licensing by the Department of Community Health
  • Non-Profit Organizations are automatically eligible and must have tax exempt status under IRS Code 501(c)3

  • For-Profit Organizations may participate if 25% or more of enrolled participants (or licensed capacity) receive Title XIX (Medicaid)

  • Center must prepare and/or serve vended meals that meet USDA and CACFP Meal Pattern Requirements.  The meal pattern includes serving food groups in amounts appropriate to the participants

  • Center must record accurately the number of participants served daily

  • Center must maintain health and sanitation requirements

  • Follow all policies and procedures set forth by GNSI, Bright from the Start, and USDA

  • Promote the safety and well-being of the participants in your care

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The CACFP offers many benefits to the Center, participants, and caregivers.  By participating in the CACFP under GNSI sponsorship you will:
  • Receive reimbursement for meals that are normally provided by the center (2 meals and 1 snack or 2 snacks and 1 meal)
  • Assure the participant and/or their caregiver they are receiving well-balanced nutritious meals while in your care

  • Develop healthy eating habits for your children that will last a lifetime

  • Partner with a reliable, knowledgeable, friendly and proactive sponsor that will guide you through all requirements of the Food Program

  • Have access to easy, efficient, and real-time online claim processing software at no cost to you

  • Be at leader at the forefront for a healthy Georgia for generations to come


Below is a list of recordkeeping that must be maintained by centers claiming reimbursement with GNSI
Daily recordkeeping requirements to receive reimbursement for the CACFP are:
  • Daily Menu for participants
  • Point of Service Meal Count (Weekly Attendance and Meal Count Worksheet)
  • Delivery receipts (if applicable)
  • Sign in/out sheets
  • Food Temperature log
Monthly recordkeeping requirements to receive reimbursement for the CACFP are:
  • Monthly Record of Meals and Snacks Served
  • Compensation Time and Attendance, Time Distribution & Payment Verification (when applicable)
  • Copies of monthly claim for reimbursement
  • For-Profit Centers must keep Title XIX documentation showing 25% or more for any month claimed receive Medicaid benefits
  • Copies of invoices and receipts for purchases
  • Vendor invoices for meals delivered and served
  • Monthly bank statements and/or CACFP accounting records/ledgers
  • Copies of Posted Menus
  • Temperature Log
  • Activity Calendar
Annual recordkeeping requirements to receive reimbursement for the CACFP are:
  • Roster
  • Income Eligibility Statements
  • Racial Ethnic Data
  • Letter of Agreement (LOA) with Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), if applicable
  • Current Food Service Permit and Health Inspection
  • Fire Inspection (completed and compliant within last calendar year)
  • Current Lease or Deed (or letter of approval to operate CACFP from facility owner/agent)
  • Enrollment Information
  • Enrolment Information
  • Household Letter
  • Sharing information with Medicaid/SCHIP form sent to families
  • For-Profit centers must have Title XIX verification
  • Copy of Application Materials
  • Procurement documentation, contracts and agreements
  • Copies of past reviews


Your Tax ID number or Federal Employers Identification Number (FEIN) can be obtained directly from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by calling 800.829.0115. Letters can be faxed immediately upon confirmation of registered agent. (Note: the requestor must be a registered agent of the organization on file with IRS)

Yes! As one of our added benefits to our partners, GNSI would love to facilitate the vendor search for your organization. As we are a federally funded program and must remain completely and totally impartial, we cannot suggest a single vendor over another. Rather, our extensive knowledge and network have afforded us the ability to provide perspective vendors, and possibly, references from our current partners who currently (or previously) receive meals from the perspective vendors.


In order for a center to prepare meals on site, the center must have a current and compliant food service permit from the local or state health authority and current health inspection from the local issuing authority.


Receipt of Medicaid funds by an adult day care center constitutes State approval for purposes of CACFP participation. However, the simple presence of public funding, State or Federal, in an adult day care center does not constitute full “approval”. Centers receiving public funding, State or Federal, are required to implement a financial management system which can show that other public funding is being used to support CACFP meals only after the CACFP reimbursement has been exhausted. This will ensure CACFP funds are used for the food service and not redirected to non-program activities.